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      躍通產品 Yuetong Products



      Function:This machine is used for processing door frame,include 45/90 degree cutting,lock slot & hinge slot milling,installation face step milling (for 90 degree connection),and L-shape architrave installation gap milling.

      • 適用性廣:檔條套、主副套、三公分一體套都可加工;
      • 加工品質優:一次定位完成定尺、銑削加工,精度高;自動測量消除厚度誤差;正反旋銑削不崩邊;
      • 操作方便:支持掃碼加工;平底和臺階底門套加工時,工作臺自動切換;
      • 經濟實用:既可單機加工,也可連線生產。
      • Wide applicability:suitable for pressed type door frame with door-stop strip,main $ deputy part splicing type door frame as well as entire door frame;
      • High processing quality :cutting & milling at one time clamping to ensure high precision;automatic measure to eliminate thickness tolerance;left & right spindle milling to avoid edge broken;
      • Easy operation:QR scanning is avaliable;Automatic exchange worktable for two type door frames with flat bottom or step bottom;
      • Economical and practical :can be used as standalone machine or be connected in automatic production line.


      工件長度 Workpiece length 600-2600mm
      工件寬度 Workpiece width 90-350mm
      工件厚度 Workpiece thickness 18-40mm
      鋸切電機 Cutting motor 2×3.7kw
      銑削電機 Milling motor  2×(2.2+2.2左旋+0.4)kw
      總功率 Total power 25kw
      外形尺寸 Overall dimensions 4900×2600×2100mm
      重量 Weight 約3000kg



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